Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween House

Halloween House

Last weekend I was coming back from Ft Wayne Indiana and I had taken a route that would take me through several small towns, one of them being Waterloo Indiana. I
had just come off the freeway and was going through the center of town. Suddenly I saw an amazing house decorated for Halloween. There was a large assortment of stuff including large stone gargoyles an iron fence and even a hearse. All of this I took in at a glance as I was driving by, it was getting dark but I decided to round the block and take a closer look (Shoot Where You Are).

I found a little place to park near a garage/workshop and walked toward the house looking for someone that I might talk to. The garage itself looked interesting as though a tinkerer and collector of odd bits and pieces was in charge. I saw a man working on a car beside the shop and said hello. The guy popped up from his work and said hi, he looked like he could have just stepped off of a movie set, something like “Back to the Future”. He was very nice and said that his wife had put the display together. He had just purchased the hearse, and that also became part of the project with a theme of “don't text and drive”. His wife soon appeared and was more than happy for me to make some images and take the grand tour. The hearse was the first stop, they were still adding some final touches and signage about texting and driving. She told me that several teens had stopped by and told her that it was a cool idea and a good way to make a point about texting.

There was a number of common Halloween items but also a lot of quirky odds n ends, antiques and handmade props. The place was really interesting and also did not have any really graphic items, I would think 8 year olds and up would be OK with it all.

I don't really do scary stuff and I am no fan of most of the horror stuff out there, monster movies yeah, horror/slasher/antisocial..nah. All in all it was fun and I had a nice talk with some genuinely nice Halloween fans!

I am still (a kid)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is...

Well first I would like to thank everyone again for coming to Once Upon A Paintbrush for the reception, and for all of the likes and shares on Facebook and also for checking out my blog and website. It is very nice to see the likes and especially the comments. Facebook can be kind of fussy to work with when you have a couple of pages tied to your name, so you may have seen some duplicate posts on the same page, who knows it may happen again.

Now for the winners, I can not really call this a first and second place, it was more of a first and second idea that we decided to do at the end of the reception.

The winner of the B&W metal float print that was at the reception is Stefane Widney!

And the winner of the framed flower print is Gina Smith!

Stefane and Gina can contact Cassandra to pick up your prints, And if we are lucky we can get a picture of you both.
The cat is officially out of the bag now so if anyone talks to Gina or Stefane you are free to let them know if they haven't found out already.

Here are the links to our pages/sites

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Name Game

The Name Game

The night before the show/reception at Once Upon A Paintbrush  Cassandra reminded me that I had not
titled the image of the tree and canoes. I still really had no title in my head other than “Waiting For Summer” which was a little close to the title for the heart in the stone wall image. It was getting late and we were getting a little silly and started batting around some caption ideas. I forgot to mention that the musicians were also at the gallery, doing a rehearsal for the next evening. Samantha, one of the musicians had several ideas, each of them we all thought were amusing. Everything was a little amusing to us at that point, and there was absolutely no alcohol involved. Suddenly it was suggested by someone that we just put sheet under the print and let the guests come up with titles during the show.

So away we went with that idea and it turned out to be lots of fun and a way for the guests
to be engaged with the image. The list grew to almost 2 pages during the show, with titles and the names of the namers...namers, yes it is a real word.

Here are the titles that everyone came up with, not in order and without the namers names. See if you can remember your own suggestion(s). Leave some comments if you can remember. 

You are also welcome to join the fun and come up with more titles!
Just put them in the comments.

End Of The Season
Adventure Awaits
Watchful Giant
Unknown Adventure
Let The Journey Begin
On Another Day
Peace Be With You
Fall Into Another Season
An Unseen Beauty
See You Next Spring
The Barren Voyage
Tucked In
Grey With Turquoise And More Grey
I Stand In Solitude And Wait
Winters Rest
Gone With The Leaves, And Some Canoes
Until I see You Again
Seasons End
No Cats
Under My Wings
A Season Not The Seasons
Ghosts Of Summers Past
I Dare You!
There Is Hope

Want To Canoe?
Darkness Falls
Season Of Rest

I wonder if some of you were thinking of titles when you got home and you were trying to go to sleep! If you were let me know.
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