Saturday, October 26, 2013

And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is...

Well first I would like to thank everyone again for coming to Once Upon A Paintbrush for the reception, and for all of the likes and shares on Facebook and also for checking out my blog and website. It is very nice to see the likes and especially the comments. Facebook can be kind of fussy to work with when you have a couple of pages tied to your name, so you may have seen some duplicate posts on the same page, who knows it may happen again.

Now for the winners, I can not really call this a first and second place, it was more of a first and second idea that we decided to do at the end of the reception.

The winner of the B&W metal float print that was at the reception is Stefane Widney!

And the winner of the framed flower print is Gina Smith!

Stefane and Gina can contact Cassandra to pick up your prints, And if we are lucky we can get a picture of you both.
The cat is officially out of the bag now so if anyone talks to Gina or Stefane you are free to let them know if they haven't found out already.

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