Friday, November 15, 2013

Market Day

Philippine Market

I have had the rough draft for this post sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks waiting to be completed. I am always happy to show some of the things that see when I am in the Philippines.

With the recent typhoon and it's devastation
I want to put a face on the people that

have been affected. Although Gumaca (where my wife is) did not take a direct hit, they had very heavy rain and wind.

I often go to the market with my wife when I am in the Philippines, actually I almost always go unless I
am left with another member of the family(they are worried that I might get lost...(Hey I'm 12 years old what could happen?)

There is the main market in town that is a permanent affair with butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and all of the rest like flip-flops, T-shirts, canned goods, hardware and pretty much anything you might need.

There is also Tiange (Chyange is the way it sounds to my ears) I asked my wife about the spelling, her reply was that it is flexible..spell it however I want to. I should make a list and have a contest.

It is a one day market, set up and taken down each day, much like a Farmers Market here in the US. In my wife's town it is done every Thursday. Many of the sellers go from town to town for the weekly Tiange, In the town of Lopez (about 30 minutes away) it takes place on Fridays.

 The merchants are often selling items that they or their families have produced themselves. In the local markets you are usually much closer to the source of your food.

The markets big or small are always colorful. And as
a photographer walking through one, even in Manila I often hear someone call “Picture picture!” I hear it from adults as well as kids, they are happy to say hello, talk for awhile and get a picture taken.

I am still (a kid)

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