Saturday, September 7, 2013

How Did I Get Here?

The other night when I was searching my images for the red fabric
image that I wanted to show you for the previous post, I came across a red barn that I shot in the spring of 2008.
I had been waiting for a day that the light was hitting it from a good angle. I also wanted to have some sharpness and color in the foreground so I was shooting wide angle with a small aperture. I started noodling around with it last night trying to get a look that I was happy with. I was taking the image back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop, trying to develop a unique image. I had made a couple of copy layers and blended them and desaturated everything except the barn and small tree. Then bla bla bla and then bla bla bla I was getting close but had not arrived at the place I wanted to be. I am not real keen on one shot methods to get to a finished picture. I often take a lot of twists, turns and detours to get where I'm going with an image. And very often I keep several (work in progress) variations that I like. My dad said I always took the hard way...but that was mostly in mathematics and I always seemed to have the wrong variations in that area. Finally as I drove around the block for the umpteenth time looking for somewhere to park my image I spotted a little place that looked great Time to stop here!

I am still(a kid).

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